Where are they now

Old Yorkists are listed according to which year they left school and which house they were in.

In the update for this site we have placed the personal information about students behind a login section. If you are in the database then simply go to the relevant section, click Login and use the forgotten password link. We will email instructions to the address we have registered. If you think your address may be an old one you no longer access, drop us a note through the Contact page.

Staff Section

We have lost track of a large number of staff but those we have heard about, we have listed here.

Students 1949 -1962

Students have been listed in leaving date order. Just click on the last name for more detail, as far as we have it.

Students 1963 on

We hope this section will grow and grow. Again listed in leaving date order and click on the last name for more detail.

Update for someone

If you have more information about someone else, please send us the details here.

New submission

We are always looking for new entries. So if we have missed you out, please add your notes here. We will eventually give you control to update this