New website

It has been a few years since the website has had some TLC and lots has happened since. It was time to be little more circumspect about the personal data we were sharing and put the site on a platform that made it easier to keep up to date.

So here it is. We haven’t taken the design too far forward and deliberately started with much the same structure as before. The key difference is that the personal information of all past students is now behind a login page.

Getting in is easy if you have ever sent information to Bill or Dave Lichenstein (or the Old Yorkist magazine special edition). Your email address is in the system and so, when you click to Login, just select Forgotten Password and we will send an email to that address so you can change the password and get in.

If you no longer have access to that email address, use the contact form and we’ll try and get it all updated. Try and give us some details that would help us confirm a match to the records we hold.

Once in, you can search by house, name, year etc. You won’t see email addresses, though when you find the person you want to get in touch with, click through and at the bottom of their profile is a Contact button – if we have an email address for them.

Have fun and let me know any updates or changes.