Kenya Schools Reunion 2020 in Perth

 Until quite recently separate Kenya schools reunions have been held in Perth but, with the possible exception of the Kenya High School (marshalled by Pat Dunn) numbers have dwindled in recent times. So it seemed sensible to Richard Tredget (ex DOY) and Aylwin Halligan-Jolly (representing the Kenya Regiment) to combine all Kenya schools for an annual reunion. They, together with Pat, Dave McFarnell (POW), Francis and Maureen Keast (St Mary’s), Mike Goble-Garratt (DOY) who is the computer and admin fundi/ photographer and a minor contribution from myself , have rallied to ensure that it has become an annual event.  The organisers have already set the date for next year – Tuesday 23rd February 2021 at 11h30, at the same venue, Perth’s Bayswater Hotel, a mere a stroll from the railway station; no rail charge for pensioners.   A photo of DOY attendees at the 2020 lunch is to be found in the “Photos” section  of the web page.