From Optimum Kenya Trust

Optimum Kenya Trust and Msaada Kenya Trust Barua – April 2020
UK Charity Number 1154051
John O’Grady writes;
This is a brief Barua to inform you of what has recently happened at Lenana school.
Last month a fire engulfed and completely gutted Tom Mboya House (previously called Upper Junior House) at the school. No one died because the fire raged during morning Assembly and classes. A couple of days later 2 pupils were arrested in the process of trying to set fire to Lower Junior House.
14 other pupils have since been sent home. Investigations into the cause of the fire in Tom MboyaHouse are ongoing.

Two weeks ago Lenana was closed as were all the other schools in the country. All pupils were sent home. Kenya is in a partial lockdown with many businesses closed and others under curfew.This last week two Houses at Lenana (Delamere and Thomson) were designated to be some form of facility for Covid-19 control. On Tuesday an initial group of 32 people returning to Kenya from abroad were placed into quarantine there. More are expected. So, quite a lot of unusual things going on there.

The process of identifying new potential recipients for our OKT/MKT Bursaries was begun before all of the above but is now stalled. We expect to award at least 6 new Bursaries this year in addition to the 12 we are currently providing. We hope that, with your financial help, we shall be able to do even more next year. Given the fire and all the other impacts that the lockdown will have on the ability of parents, especially those in the more tourist-dependent regions of the country, to pay the required school fees, we are seeking your help.

To find out how you can help go to the OKT web page,